Tribal Spirit And Women’s And Social Issues In Saudi Arabia

Other things that have also escaped outside public observations are the issue of tribalism or “tribal spirit.” In the context of communities in the Jazirah and the Gulf of Arabia, this tribal problem is far more important than the issue of religious schism (Sunni-Shi’a, for example). and various individual-social affairs such as marriage, work, education, politics, the economy, etc., are mostly determined by ethnicity, not religious / Islamic factors. On the other hand, check out the excellent hajj packages 2018 if you want to get one of the finest Hajj experiences.

It is true that Ibn Khaldun said in the 14th century in the Kitab al-Ibar that the problem of ashabiyah or “tribal fanaticism” was the dominant feature of Arab society, both before and after the Islamic era. Until today, “tribalism” and inter-ethnic networks it is still very strong and plays an important role in the socio-political system of the economy in Arab land, especially Yemen and the Gulf Arab region.

Women’s rights are another problem that is often highlighted by Saudi critics.

In fact, the development of women’s emancipation has been very rapid here. Although of course it cannot be compared with the feminist movement in the West because of the social and cultural structure of patriarchal Arab society, the development of the role of women in the public sector cannot be ignored. Since decades ago, especially since Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud held the government (both when he was crown prince and king replaced his brother, King Fahd) who was known to be very moderate-tolerant, the Saudis had opened themselves to various changes regarding social rights – these women public policies.

Haunted by social problems

As a country, like other countries, the Saudis of course also do not escape from various domestic problems and social problems such as crime, unemployment, poverty, violence, illiteracy, etc. That’s normal. Incorrect and invalid, the assumption that Saudi is a region that is one hundred percent peaceful, calm, prosperous without crime, zero poverty, and nonviolence. Only dreamers and dreamers say that.

However, this socio-domestic problem is a natural matter in various countries, not just the Saudi. The Saudi government continues to try to overcome these various socio-domestic problems.

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