These are two films that are timeless that you can enjoy

There are a lot of movie genres that you can enjoy and there are many new movies that have sprung up that you can watch to fill your free time. However, what you need to know is don’t forget to read the film review first before watching it. In ShowBox you can read reviews of movies that you will watch.

The number of new films that just aired, it turns out there are some films that have never been timeless and you can still watch them at any time.

1. Children of Men
Tells about the loss of humanity to maintain the existence and continue the descent. Taking place in England which is also said to have experienced a crisis, which made the country a military state.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road
Telling the condition of the war because of the food and water crisis that made each other master each other. Various battles with those in power will also be described in this film.

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