How Narcotics Can Make Someone Addicted? This is the explanation

The danger of narcotics is certainly well known to everyone. Because narcotics are indeed considered to have substances that are very bad for the body. For this reason, for those who are already addicted to the drug, they will choose drug addiction treatment center centers that suit their needs. The rampant use of narcotics is indeed worth watching out for because it can take many victims.

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In some cases, there are even many people who have lost their lives because of the effects of the narcotics. So, how can narcotics make someone addicted?

Then, what happens to someone who is dependent? Dependency is a kind of ‘learning’ of brain cells in the pleasure center. When you try to take drugs, the brain will read your body’s response. If you feel comfortable, the brain secretes dopamine neurotransmitters and will give a pleasant impression.
The brain records it as something that is sought as a priority because it is considered fun. As a result, the brain makes the program wrong, as if the person needed it as a basic need and there was addiction or dependence. In a state of dependence, addicts feel very uncomfortable and in pain. To get drugs, he will do everything like a steal, even kill.

In cases of dependence, a person must always use drugs, if not, withdrawal symptoms arise, if the use is stopped or the amount is reduced. Symptoms depend on the type of drug used.
Symptoms of heroin are similar to those with severe flu, which are a runny nose, tears out, standing body hair, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and difficulty sleeping. Drugs also interfere with the functioning of other organs, such as the heart, lungs, liver and reproductive system, so that various diseases can arise.

Consuming drugs continuously causes an increase in body tolerance so that the user cannot control their use and tends to continue to increase the usage dose until finally, the body cannot receive it anymore. This is called overdose. This is what causes many people to lose their lives. Be careful of the effects of this drug.