Things You Need When Running the Vegan Diet

Once you become a vegetarian, there will be many questions from relatives and friends. People are very sensitive about eating styles, especially if you are opposed to what has been trusted. For that, make sure friends and family that being vegetarian is a choice made based on personal reasons. Does Dr Sebi help you find out the most info about the vegan diet?

Giving common reasons makes others feel as if their choices are wrong. As a result, resistance arguments will arise. By expressing personal reasons, other people will not feel their choice is wrong. Make sure that it’s about you, so no one feels they have to defend their choice.

Vegetarians need B12 supplements

Naturally, vitamin B12 is only found in animal foods. Vitamin B12 functions to maintain the health of blood cells and body cells also functions in the formation of DNA. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes fatigue, lethargy, constipation, no appetite, drastic weight loss, nerve problems, and depression.

If you decide to become a vegetarian, you have to stock up on various foods fortified with vitamin B12 such as B12 supplements. To find out if additional intake is needed, you should ask your doctor to do a blood check.

Vegetarians need additional iron

There are two types of iron, namely heme and nonheme. Heme is found in animal foods and is easily absorbed by the body. While plant foods only contain nonheme iron which is more difficult to absorb by the body. As a result, to get the same benefits, vegetarians must reap more iron. Thus expressed by Christian Henderson, New York nutritionist.

A good source of vegetable iron for vegetarians includes beans, raisins, and green leafy vegetables. To help absorb iron, don’t forget to eat foods rich in vitamin C such as red chili, broccoli or orange.