Projector Types

There are three types of projector on RM according to the projected method. The first is a liquid crystal or we are familiar with 3 LCD systems. The way it works uses the principle of refracting light from 3 basic color panels (RGB) inside the machine. This type of projector presents very good bright-colored images but is quite weak in presenting dark-colored images. For those of you who are very detailed about the sharpness of the image, we recommend that you be more selective when dropping a choice on this type of projector product.

The second is a Digital Light Processing type projector or commonly abbreviated as DLP. This type of projector works like a mirror reflection. When compared with 3 LCDs, DLP projectors produce smoother images because the pixel color that is released is more dense.

The third type is LCOS which stands for Liquid Crystal On Silicon, it combines the workings of LCD and DLP projectors.

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