Learn More About Multi-Factor Authentication Here

Everyone certainly has an account or even more on the internet, however, as the number of accounts increases on the internet, more and more crimes of data theft can be done by hackers two factor authentication . However, now there is multi factor authentication that can help you to secure your account and various data in it for your own private security.

If you are still familiar with the word multi-factor authentication then you can find out the various information here. Some information about this will help you use it.

As the name implies, Multi-Factor Authentication (or some say as two-step verification) is an authentication method that combines several factors. Among others :

– Something only the user knows (PIN, password, pattern)
– Something that only users have (ATM cards, smartphones)
– Something that is only the user himself (Fingerprint, eye retina)
– Well, if you have used a password to secure the application, then you only use one authentication factor. It would be nice if you combine with other factors. But basically, we have used the multi-factor authentication model.

Usually, banks have used this method to protect various personal data as well as their customers’ accounts. For example on an ATM card, the bank will give you an ATM card and PIN to protect it. So if you are going to take money, you have to have both, it can’t be just one. If your ATM card is lost or you forget your PIN, you cannot take money.

Internet Banking has also implemented the same thing. You will have a username and password to be able to access Internet Banking services, besides that you will also have tokens that serve as additional authentication if you are going to do financial transactions. So, like your Internet Banking account is broken by people, it is expected that he will not be able to do anything as long as he does not have an Internet Banking token.

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