Land Benefits And How To Take Care of It

The land is one resource that is often used by humans. Planting plants, building houses, and even doing activities requires land. Apart from these things, you can get the best hydromulching company near me.

– Overcoming erosion

One effort to overcome erosion is reforestation or reforestation. The main requirement for the success of reforestation is that it must be planted in fertile soil because if planted in soil that is not fertile, the plants will not grow optimally. With the reforestation will be able to prevent erosion, besides that the soil will also be more fertile and able to absorb dust and pollution in the air. Therefore, fertile soil will be very useful to overcome erosion.

– Impact on the economy

With fertile land, it will affect the economy, especially farmers and breeders. With the presence of fertile soil vegetables, fruits and other plantation products will grow and produce high-quality vegetables and fruits and will automatically lift the economy of the farmers. For farmers, their livestock will produce quality meat because their food is also taken from quality plants.

There are several ways to do soil conservation that is usually done, namely:

1. Vegetative way

The way to do it is by using plants in such a way that the soil can avoid rainwater and surface runoff.

2. Mechanical way

The mechanical method is the method of conservation carried out by changing the physical shape of the soil. Must have heard terracing? That is one example of mechanical conservation of soil.

3. Chemical way

The last way is by chemical means. As the name suggests, you certainly know how to do this by giving chemicals to the ground. This chemical method is carried out to compact the soil structure. The soil structure needs to be compacted because dense soils have the possibility of smaller erosion. In addition, this chemical method also balances the organic content in the soil, because soils with an organic content of less than 2% are generally sensitive to erosion. One chemical method that is often done is to add lime to acidic soils.

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