Eyes Feel Sore When Wearing Contact Lenses? This Is The Reason

If you are accustomed, you must have been an expert and do not need to bother when using contact lenses aka contact lenses. Maybe, when trying to use contact lenses, you complain of sore eyes, watery eyes, and discomfort. Although already good, sometimes these complaints still like to be felt. You can get the best contact lens on ABC pharmacy. So, why are the eyes sore when using contact lenses?

The epithelium layer in the cornea, which is the outermost part of the eye protector, is composed of thousands of nerve endings. This is one reason why your eyes are very sensitive to foreign objects, including contact lenses that are attached to the eye.

Not surprisingly, the eyes will always be “sensitive” when there are foreign substances that enter it. You who have become contact users must have experienced pain as if there was an eye piercing when just finished installing contact lenses. Even though you are sure, how come, you have put it in the right position.

Before applying contact lenses to the eye, make sure the contact lens is clean first. The presence of dirt, dust, eyelashes, make-up makeup that sticks to contact lenses, will certainly make your eyes feel sore and uncomfortable. Immediately release the contact when it feels like something is blocking when used.

After being removed from the eye, pay attention to whether there is really dirt or something attached to the contact lens. Whether the dirt is clearly visible or not, you should rinse the contact lens with the cleaning fluid. You can use it again after cleaning and feel the difference.

Not only contact lenses that you have to make sure it’s clean. Hands or tongs as a tool to install contact lenses must be clean and free of dirt. That is why you are recommended to wash your hands before touching contact lenses if you use your hands directly.

Or at least, first clean the contact clamp that will be used to take contact lenses and put them on the eyes. After washing it with soap, make sure you rinse your hands and clamp the contact lens thoroughly to clean it from soap. If not, the sore eye conditions when using contact lenses can still be avoided.

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