Easy Tips for Caring for Clothes That Are Not Fast Damaged

Clothing is the main thing that is used by everyone. Maybe it’s not uncommon for everyone to have lots of clothes of all models and motifs to fill the gaps in your closet. Too many clothes in your closet, make you confused about storing clothes. So that the clothes become irregular in their placement, some are folded neatly inside, there are just out, some are hung and some are just lying outside the closet. As a result, the clothes become irregular, dirty, dusty, and cramped due to the piles of other clothes. You can also use your embroidery clothes directly:

1. Classify your clothes

You have to group your clothes. Which clothes are often used and which clothes are never used because they are tight, damaged, or not suitable for use.

2. Group according to the type/material of your shirt

After you group several clothes that are still suitable to use, pay attention to the group where clothes are in the form of tops such as jackets, t-shirts, shirts, polo shirts etc.

If there are clothes that are not suitable for use and dirty, separate them.

3. Dirty clothes

If you find your clothes dirty and dusty, you should wash them again. Make sure what your clothes are dirty? If it is dirty because of dust it should be soaked and washed again. Watch out for germs.

4. Faded clothes

If there are colored clothes you wear off, separate them so they don’t hit the color of the clothes with the others.

5. Wash your clothes

Before washing, your clothes should soak first with enough water, then wash slowly.

6. Wash with clothes washing soap

Use soap to be clean and remove traces of dirt that sticks to your clothes. Cleanliness of clothes needs to be prioritized.

7. Washing Machine or Washing Iron

Make sure your clothes are washed in the washing machine or washing the iron? If the dirt on your shirt is difficult to remove, it is better to wash it yourself by washing the iron or by washing your hands. Uniform white, white clothes should be scrubbed to anticipate the fading of other colors. Your clothes are made from chiffon, polyester or rayon crepe, you should not wash them with the machine because it will damage the clothes.

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