Consider health aspects

The development of an increasingly advanced era, various electronics corporations offer AC that has technology intelligent of removing viruses and bacteria named plasmacluster. This has been confirmed by a group of cases that have been brought out. The experiment was conducted out in a flat with a space of ??320 square meters with ordinary moisture of 80%. The effect is negative and positive ions in plasmacluster ready to exterminate bacteria and molds in 6 hours. Some people think that AC 1/2 PK is suitable for small rooms. Instead, large rooms require air conditioning with a capacity of 2 PK. In fact, the results of the Aircon Repair Singapore survey, there is a formula to determine the area of ??the room and the AC unit needed. Some of you may already know if AC has a PK term (Paard Kracht / Horse Power / Horse Power (HP)). This measure describes the unit level of cooling capacity in the AC.

There is also the term BTU (British Thermal Unit), which describes the measure of cooling ability. An AC with a different PK will also have a different BTU value. So, what is the formula for calculating a room with PK needs? For example, the area of ??3×3, the calculation is 3 x 3 x 500 BTU = 4500 BTU. So AC capacity is required 0.5 PK. But if the area is 5m x 4m and the amount of 10000BTU is produced, then the AC needs 1 PK. Air conditioning for the bedroom you can place in the right place. Do not install in front of the door, because the air will be easier to get out to another room. Installation is not too tight on the ceiling so that the air that comes out can be maximal.

So that the air conditioner is durable, you should do AC service regularly every 3-4 months. Thus the tips that you can get to choose air conditioning as conditioning in your bed. Especially if you use Aircon Repair Singapore which will make the room cooler and always clean and healthy.

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