A syndrome that makes you cry and laugh when you get close

10 Last year maybe my iowasca friend was still a stranger to bipolar disorder. About what and how the symptoms of this disorder, there are still many who know. In fact, not a few people mistakenly think bipolar people are crazy. Like humans in general, bipolar people experience feelings of pleasure and sadness. However, what distinguishes them from those who do not have this disorder is their extreme mood changes. Today can be so happy and optimistic, tomorrow without a definite reason, they can be so depressive. Sad that they feel often makes them become so angry at the situation and the environment that they look at the world, even among those who want to end their lives. The mood with bipolar disorder sometimes shifts from the manic phase to the depression phase. Not infrequently also to the phase that is almost normal, namely hypomanic.

Mood changes in bipolar disorder are usually divided into several phases. Namely the manic, hypomanic, and depressive phases. The manic phase is usually characterized by excessive happiness and enthusiasm, a mind filled with lots of ideas, hearing sounds that are not heard by others, talking quickly, having difficulty controlling yourself, and having difficulty sleeping. Meanwhile, people with bipolar disorder who are experiencing a hypomanic phase usually seem normal. Because they no longer hear strange noises and feel happy and excited. More socializing and creativity arises by itself. The bipolar sufferers who are experiencing a phase of depression usually feel prolonged sadness, feel no longer hopeful, often cry for no reason, even the potential to take actions that threaten the safety of their souls.

Those who have bipolar disorder often feel excessive happiness. Even once sad, prolonged. That is one of the earliest signs of bipolar disorder. Other signs include jumping minds or in other words, it’s hard to concentrate on one thing. Easy to be offended and angry, speak quickly to make other people difficult to understand the words he said. In addition, even though he slept for a while, he did not experience fatigue the next day. His behavior tends to be reckless.

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