Types Of Software On Microsoft Office

What software do you use often when working with a computer or laptop? Surely almost everyone who always spends his time in front of a computer monitor, they use some popular software from Microsoft Office. Ms. Office is a software package used for offices made by Microsoft. Software on MS. Office is run on a Windows operating system and also Mac OS X. If you need microsoft office 2007 free download, you can visit our website.

There are several types of software on Microsoft Office that are widely used in offices including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, InfoPath, and so forth., and https://www.digicert.com will give you more info about microsoft office.

1. Microsoft Word
One application found in Ms.Office namely Ms.Word is a very well-known and widely used application. This application was published in 1983 with various versions and until now there has been a version of Ms.Word 2010 is more sophisticated and more comfortable to use. Through this application, we can write various things, letters, documents, books and more.

2. Microsoft Excel
Besides Ms.Word above, the famous application from Ms. Office is MS.Excel. This application is used for data processing in the form of numbers and is very helpful for accountants, administrations or for companies that need numerical processing. Through this application, offices can easily compile financial reports and other arithmetic processing reports.

3. Microsoft Office PowerPoint
The PowerPoint application is used for presentations, this application can be run with Windows OS and Apple Mac. PowerPoint on MS.Office is often used for presentations of educators, students, trainers or company managers.

4. Microsoft Office Outlook
Other programs from Ms.Office is Ms.Outlook, this program is used for sending and reading electronic mail. Outlook provides a calendar, a mailbox, and a shared schedule.

5. Microsoft Office InfoPath
Ms.InfoPath is an application for Ms.Office output that is useful for developing data forms with XML bases. This program was issued in 2003 which provides a variety of interesting features, InfoPath is able to create and display XML documents.