How to do a rope jumping/skipping safely

Like other sports, jumping rope also needs to be done properly so that it nourishes the body instead of hurting the body. That’s why you definitely do it carefully and as safe as possible. However, before we continue, perhaps you need to visit to find a buyer’s guide to buy jump ropes online.

Some things that need to be considered when going to jump rope sports are:

1. Warm up

When going to do jump rope exercise should warm up first so that, the muscles in the body are not stiff and cramped. Warming can be done by doing small movements such as jogging, light exercise, or squats. Heating is not only done before jumping rope, but before doing other types of sports.

2. Do a break

If you exercise long you should take a break or pause before continuing again. Skipping exercise also drains a lot of energy so, if done too much will make the body become tired and sweat a lot. If you feel tired you should stop or take a break before returning to exercise.

3. Drink water

Before exercising, you should drink water first so that you do not lack fluids due to lack of drinking water. When doing jump rope, a lot of sweat will come out. When you rest, don’t forget to drink more water, as well as after exercising. Healthy food is also recommended to restore wasted body energy. Avoid eating excessive food after exercising because the fat that is wasted becomes useless because it is added with new fat again.

4. Prevent muscle cramps

Everyone should know the limits of their own strengths. If you feel tired then you should take a break or stop to do jump rope sports. Because if it continues then the body can lose its balance and muscle cramps may occur because the muscles work too hard.

Doing jump rope exercise is okay for women because the side effects will not occur, as long as it is done correctly. Once again the uterine problem is down, it is actually not caused by jumping rope, but by other problems. For those who have just given birth, they should also not do this jump rope exercise.